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General Weigh System’s service personnel are highly experienced and well trained. They are always kept up to date  with the latest technology or information on the products and equipment we offer. The are periodically sent professional training course implemented by our principle company or our equipment manufacturer. This ensures that customers problems will be attended to professional and efficiently.

We are not obligated to sell one more unit but we are obligated to service the unit that we have sold.

We can save at least 25% from the amount you are spending on repairing & Maintenance . We have well equipped Lab and our qualified engineers are on hand to install and maintain your equipment including regular calibration, servicing and repair. Each technician receives continuos training to perfect repair and maintenance skills and is kept abreast of essential disciplines including health and safety, environmental awareness and customer care.


Time is the essens in any business and it is important to make sure that companies do not suffer extended downtime due to equipment break down.

That is why, General Weigh System makes sure that spare parts are always available, 24 hours a day. As the partner of the industry , we have ample supply of spare parts. As we always tell our customers.


Our weighbridge Test Unit is approved by the Weights & Measure Department for calibration of weighbridges and all our equipment and products are installed by the company’s trained engineers and technicians and will be on- site tested before handover.

We offer re-verification of weighing equipment used for trade as well as standard accredited calibration services with calibration certificate.


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